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Coronavirus (Covid-19): Policies purchased from 00.01 on 1st June 2020 will not offer cover under any section of the policy for claims directly or indirectly relating to Covid-19, SARS-Cov-2, or any mutation of these.
FCO Travel Advice: Our policies will NOT cover you under any section of the policy, if you travel to a country to which the FCO advise against all (or all but ‘essential’) travel, unless the purpose of the specific trip is to study abroad. In the event of a claim under any section of the policy, you will be required to produce a letter from your University abroad, confirming your dates of study at that University and that you have been granted the relevant permissions and visas by the authorities and as such your trip is considered to be “essential travel”.
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Hazardous Sports & Activities

Your policy already includes cover for over 50 sports and activities, but if you’ll be doing something more extreme, you may be able to extend your cover to cover these.
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